003 - SDS22 Lookbook

003 - SDS22 Lookbook

The first of Degrade's two-part Summer Drop Collections, SDS22 Drop 1 Lookbook encompasses jasmine buds, forsythia and perwinkle blossoms, common crown vetch and lesser celandine leaves, freshwater pearls, gems like strawberry quartz, and more! All of our plant life is ethically foraged by our seasonal forager, Ursula Scott. With the first part of this collection, we hope to invite luxurious and day to day summer looks, from garden parties, to a walk in the park with these looks!

Styles for Summer Drop Special Collection Drop 1 include:

Golden Hour Drops

Petrichor Drops

Strawberry Fields

Garden Patch Dangles

Ripe With Pearls

Droplets Choker

Jasmine Droplet Studs

Sunshine Hoops

Dog-Day Dangles

Summer Fling Threaders

Picnic Dangles

Daisy Daydream Hoops

Thank you to our beautiful models and photographer for being apart of this awesome collection. 



Aaliyah White

Dajia Dominguez

Emma Cali

Tabitha Liucci 



Jonathan George


Creative Direction:

Aly Akers



Lē Matthew


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