Custom Projects

We pride ourselves in our bespoke bio-design creations and love working with custom clients in creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Although we are still expanding to accommodate custom wearables, we are open for Degrade custom accessories!

- Reminder: No resins used in any works that we create -

You can schedule a time to virtually meet with us for a consultation on your custom order! Please keep in mind that when you are scheduling the times are in EST (Eastern Standard Time). There is no payment required to book a customs appointment with us under our currently policy.


During our meeting, we discuss the possibilities together!


–What types of accessory customs are available with Degrade?–

Current Custom Types:

    • Earrings
    • Necklaces
    • Bracelets with Custom Charms
    • Charms (No Bracelet/Necklace)
    • Wallets
    • Bags ~ very limited availability 
    • Objects ~ book in to discuss the possibilities


Encased in Degrade's biomaterial:

  • Specific sourced greenery ( plants and/or flowers) 
  • Fruit / Vegetable encased in Degrade's biomaterial 
  • Exploring colors & texture for customs biomaterials
  • Paloma Farm Bees ~ available till we run out ~
  • Multiple pendants on necklaces/earrings
  • Different shapes, combinations and sizes of biomaterials


Custom Hardware/Components with Degrade's biomaterial:

  • Sterling Silver or 14k Gold-Fill hardware
  • Sourced gemstones in corresponding hardware
  • No earring hole findings
  • Higher quality hardware: 14k Gold Chain and Earring Findings (No-Holes exempt)

~ there are so many possibilities and avenues to take, the only way to know is to schedule a consultation with us! ~


Custom Pricing Ranges (USD)

  • Earrings (per pair) – $45 to $185
  • Charms (min. 2) – $35 - $65
  • Necklaces – $90 to $400
  • Bracelets – $65 to $195
  • Bags – $450 to $575 (very liminted availability)
  • Wallets – $90 to $195
  • Objects - $250 to $950


If you have sketches/doodles or have any further questions prior to our meeting, please feel free to email:

 SS23 Swatch Library