Custom Projects

CUSTOM NOTE: From July 29th till January 15th 2023 we will be closed on custom intakes via our consultation portal to focus on our 2023 collections and releases.


We pride ourselves in our bespoke bio-design creations and love working with custom clients in creating one-of-a-kind pieces. Although we are still expanding to accommodate custom wearables, we are open for Degrade custom accessories!

- Reminder: No resins used in any works that we create -

You can schedule a time to virtually meet with us for a consultation on your custom order! Please keep in mind that when you are scheduling the times are in EST (Eastern Standard Time). There is no payment required to book a customs appointment with us under our currently policy.


During our meeting, we discuss the possibilities together!


–What types of accessory customs are available with Degrade?–


Current Custom Types:

    • Earrings
    • Necklaces
    • Bracelets with Custom Charms
    • Charms (No Bracelet/Necklace)
    • Wallets
    • Bags ~ very limited availability 
    • Objects ~ book in to discuss the possibilities
    • Under-Bustier ~ very limited availability 


Encased in Degrade's biomaterial:

  • Specific sourced greenery (seeds, plants and/or flowers) 
  • Sentimental plants, scraps of certain types paper 
  • Fruit / Vegetable encased in Degrade's biomaterial 
  • Exploring colors for customs biomaterials
  • Paloma Farm Bees ~ available till we run out ~
  • Multiple pendants on necklaces/earrings
  • Natural fibers encased in Degrade's biomaterial
  • Upcycled paper fit for composting


Custom Hardware/Components with Degrade's biomaterial:

  • Necklace with multiple pendants
  • Sourced gemstones in corresponding hardware
  • No earring hole findings
  • Different shapes, combinations and sizes of biomaterials
  • Higher quality hardware: 14k Gold Chain and Earring Findings (No-Holes exempt)

~ there are so many possibilities and avenues to take, the only way to know is to schedule a consultation with us! ~


Custom Pricing Ranges (USD)

  • Earrings (per pair) – $38 to $185
  • Charms – $27 - $65
  • Necklaces – $75 to $400
  • Bracelets – $55 to $195
  • Bags – $450 to $575
  • Wallets – $85 to $195
  • Objects - $300 to $950
  • Under-Bustiers - $950 - $1500 (very limited availability)


If you have sketches/doodles or have any further questions prior to our meeting, please feel free to email:


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