Collection: SS23: TOPOGRAPHY

 In Degrade's Spring/Summer 2023 line, the designer focuses on topographic maps, specifically contour-line maps or isopleth maps.   Using pigmented biomaterials, with infused hues drawn from foods and plant life, Degrade's multilayered contour-lined jewelry are inspired by climate & weather related maps, diagrams, and patterns of land loss, temperature changes and sea level rising. 

Natural and climate-change disasters that are beginning to reach unprecedented levels of damage are all a part of the cycles of Mother Nature reminding us that these striking events commanded by the Mother and the loss of terrain we see, is the beginning of a new cycle, we witness a larger form of degradation that in turn brings in new life.

For more information this collection's research & development, click here to learn about the designer's SS23 Research & Development.

Pigments produced in this collection:



Black Walnut Dark brown
Alkanet Brown-Red
Madder Root Red
Annatto Light Orange
Beet Light Red
Safflower Orange-Yellow
Turmeric Yellow
Alfalfa Chartreuse
Spirulina Dark green
Butterfly Pea Flower Blue
Logwood Purple


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