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Allowing degradation into the process of consumerism...

Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Degrade reconnects with nature through its inner child curiosity. By breaking down traditional barriers in the fashion industry, our mission is to create a holistic approach to the materials we use in jewelry design and textile manufacturing.

Our aim is to offer our forward thinking clientele a product that gives as much as it takes and along the way, reconnect them to their inner child's connection with Mother Nature.

Degrade is an experimental slow-fashion label currently making biodegradable bespoke accessories, and in the future – wearables. We aim to highlight the importance of sustainability within fashion in our current day and age, by extending the shelf-life of organic matter. 


1. to reduce the complexity of (a chemical compound)
ex: Do we actually know how long it takes for most things around us to degrade?

1. made for a particular customer or user.
ex: "a bespoke suit"
2. making or selling bespoke goods, especially clothing.
ex: "bespoke jeweler"

  1. (of a substance or object) capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms.
    ex: "consumers have forced a shift to more biodegradable products"

Future goals for Degrade include collaborating with like minded creatives and organizations across all fields that look to uplift sustainable and ethically innovative practices in their design processes and systems! Degrade future goals are to expand into customizing bespoke biodegradable wearables and home goods for our clients. 



The founder & designer, Lē, creates one-of-a-kind biodegradable & compostable accessories for each client with current options of sterling silver or gold-filled jewelry hardware. Born in the UK, and raised in Lagos, Nigeria ~ Lē actively works to ensure that none of the pieces created on Degrade ever reach landfills after growing up and seeing the silent yet overtly damaging effects of the fashion industry's waste appearing in countries deemed as 'third-world'.

Each biomaterial textile and accessory item was executed by the designer Lē, from the creation of the biomaterial to its construction.




Instagram: @degrade.center
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This platform offers made-to-order items from Degrade's Vol. 1 biomaterial collection the designer calls "Bio-Resin". Disclaimer: NO products in any of our collection are made with any resins, acrylics or plastics. The name "Bio-Resin" is for catch-phrase purposes only!

The designer mainly sources from a generational New York City jewelry business that supplies high quality metals for each order accessory!

With your order comes information about the shelf-life of your item, care instructions as well as composting instructions!

Follow us on Instagram @degrade.center for updates pertaining to available items each week as product availability is limited due to the dedication and time spent creating each order 🌱 Don’t be nervous to direct message us on Instagram about any updates on product availability!

Degrade is currently run in Brooklyn, NY.



* LAGOON NY ~ 293 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn NY 11216


Founder, Lead Designer & Head of Operations/Production: Lē Matthew
[ 2023 ]
SS23 Executive Producer & Art Direction: Lē Matthew
SS23 Creative Direction: Christian Glover
SS23 Lookbook & Campaign Photographer: Ashley Zhang
SS23 Artisanal Chef: Mia Ponzi-Hamacher
2022 ]
Brand Creative Direction & Production Assistant: Aly Akers
Ethical Plant Life Foraging Intern: Ursula Scott
SS22 Campaign Photographer: Renee Xie
SS22 Filmmaker: Lee Milby
SDS22 Photographer: Jonathan George