General Care & Disposal


Now that you've purchased your special item that is biodegradable, you must be wondering how to take care of it!

Each item shipped has care & disposal instructions included in its order with more information about the item sold.

Bio-material Shelf-Life
Our biomaterials, with the right care, can last upwards of 9 months to over a year  before composting (:

Biomaterial Pendant/Charm Replacement Offer!

If you’ve purchased a charm or pendant (earring/necklace) at Degrade and you would like to replace your biomaterial pendant/charm(s) with a 30%-40% discount, please email us: with your name and Order # for further steps! Part of the requirement requires our clients to properly compost their initial biomaterial piece(s) 🌱

Biomaterial Care 

  • Keep your biodegradable jewelry in a cool and dry location when not in use.
  • Avoid immersing your accessory in water for prolonged periods of time!
  • If its extremely hot & humid outside, save your biomaterials for a less humid day to avoid direct sunlight (this does not apply to our seed collections)
  • If item is losing it’s shape, you can put your item in the fridge for 10 minutes to stabilize it’s shape

Biomaterial Disposal 

  • Remove the hardware from the biomaterial textile. From there you can recycle/up-cycle the hardware able to compost the biomaterial!
  • When composting, we suggest breaking your biomaterial pieces into smaller pieces for a faster degradation rate.
  • The biomaterial is an excellent time-release fertilizer (:

Hardware Care

  • Use a natural microfiber cloth to clean and polish your jewelry hardware 

Seed Care 

  • Keep your seed jewelry in a cool and dry location when not in use. 
  • For storage, opt for a paper bag instead of a zip-loc bag to avoid moisture retention
  • For seeded jewelry with pearls, we strongly recommend a paper bag if now our provided jewelry box for the pearls to keep their shine!
  • Avoid immersing your accessory in water!