Order, Processing & Shipping Policies

Hi there!

Want to make an order or have made an order but unsure about the turnaround time of the biodegradable product?? Well, look no further because this page is for you!




  • Please ensure that you enter an active email address & phone number at checkout so that you may receive order updates on your item because we send notifications when your order has shipped or if we need to update you on your item!
  • If you need to reach out about an order made, please email info@degrade.center and have your e-mails subject line be “Your Name, Order #”.
  • If you want to contact us in relation to 30-40% Off Charm/Pendant replacement(s), please email info@degrade.center and have your e-mail’s subject line be “Charm/Pendant Replacement – 'Your Name', Order #”.


  • Orders are processed within 1-4 business days, Monday through Friday excluding holidays. Orders received on weekends and holidays will be processed the next business day.
  • Orders are made in Brooklyn, NY United States
  • It takes approximately 2-3 weeks (or sooner) to complete & ship your made-to-order jewelry based on the nature of the designer’s practice – from the order intake to the finalization of your piece. Please keep this in mind as you place orders as the designer needs time to develop your unique product!


Since our items are bespoke, Degrade’s stock amount is formatted based on the amount of “client/customer order” project slots available a that given time, a.k.a. – “inventory”. We believe that there is no need to unnecessarily stock inventory and prefer to create items freshly for each customer’s order (especially given the nature of the designer’s process).  
Degrade will generally reset order amounts for products bi-weekly or sooner depending on production speeds. We will update you either via Instagram stories or e-newsletter updates!


Below is a list of product processing times (by category):
  • Jewelry
    • Earrings:  7-11 day textile production time and 1-2 day(s) construction & packaging.
    • Necklaces: 7-11 day textile production time and 1-2 day(s) construction & packaging.
  • Wallets: 3-4 week textile production time, 1-3 day(s) construction & packaging
  • Bags: 4-6 week textile production time, 6-7 days construction & packaging
  • Objects: Small scale ~ 3-4 weeks production & 4-6 days construction/packaging & packaging; Large scale ~ 4-7 weeks production & 6-8 days construction/packaging
    Please keep in mind that all items sold on this site cannot be refunded after it has shipped as each item is made-to-order and unique for every client.


    • There are NO refunds after products have been shipped
    • Each order is packed with detailed information on your purchased jewelry item! Jewelry online orders/custom orders/replacements are shipped in 4” x 6”, 6" x 10" or 10" x 16" compostable mailers for United State shipments.
    • Each customer will be provided with a tracking number and a shipping notice email upon completion of order!
      • If your items haven’t arrived in more than the listed processing times and you have not updated at all or have been provided with a tracking number, please contact info@degrade.center for the whereabout on your item and we will be happy to assist in resolving any issues.
    • You will receive an email notification the day when your order has been processed for packaging. We also like to update anyone who follow us on our Instagram about their orders there were!


    Due to the nature of the designer's practice being made-to-order, there are NO refunds after items have been shipped.
    Although there is a standard no refunds rule, there are special cases as to where refunds can be negotiated as we value your satisfaction as a client:
    • Refunds can be requested if the designer has not begun your project (passed the 3 weeks time frame) and is not in the productions stage. If this situation sounds like yours, please contact info@degrade.center to remedy the issue!