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Spiral Eucalyptus Rock Candy

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Genus: Eucalyptus
Order: Mytrales
Family: Myrtaceae
Kingdom: Plantae


Native to Australia, the Spiral Eucalyptus is frequently seen as an adornment in bouquets! The spiral eucalyptus leaves present silvery green to a grayish blue hue. Often known as “Baby Blue Eucalyptus'' with the latin name , the plant varies from length depending on where it is in season and the leaves grow directly around the main stem and create a “spiral” appearance. 

We dip these plants in our biodegradable and compostable material and transform them into childhood nostalgic rock candy snacks for your ears! They hang off delicate ear wires and we recommend rubbing some eucalyptus essential oils at the tips of the piece to act as a calming aromatherapy diffuser.

Product Dimension: 

  • Eucalyptus Length - Approx. 1.5”
  • Overall Drop Length - Approx. 1.75”

Please note that every order placed for this style is different given the nature of our biomaterial sourcing & process.

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