June 11, 2022 ~ Degrade x  Museum of Art & Design

June 11, 2022 ~ Degrade x Museum of Art & Design

Flower heads sourced from MAD Museum's Flower Craft Exhibition prepared to be turned into charms. 


Degrade meets New York's Museum of Art & Design on June 2nd 2022 from 2-4pm EST. Join us on the 2nd floor of the museum!

We'll be participating at the Flower Craft exhibit by creating flower charms using the floral waste of the museum's Flower Craft exhibition (which is open from May-June), a thoughtful way to have a closed loop sourcing system for the creation of these precious charms.

We'll also be having out 2022 Summer Drop Special collection for previewing before it is live for sale at our online store on June 20th 2022.

 Visit the 2nd floor of the Museum of Art & Design on Saturday June 12th from 2pm to 4pm ~ free admission!



2022 Summer Drop Special Preview



Flower Craft Exhibition at the Museum of Art & Design
June 12th – Floral Charms with Lē Matthew x Degrade


Workshop led by Lē Matthew
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