2022 Custom Project Highlights

2022 Custom Project Highlights

Garden Sage Double-Decker Pendants with Pearls 

For Lilianna!


Double-decker garden sage dangles with three pearls on at the bottom of each pendant for Lili's hoops 

We met Lili during one of the events we vended at and she loved the styles that we had on display, with a particular interest to our garden sage double deckers.

Lili loved the style of one of our sterling silver double-decker garden sage hoop + pendant, as well as the three pearl layout of the 14k gold-fill garden sage dangles we had at the event. She loved elements of both designs and wanted to combine them into pendants for hoops that she already owns.

We created a pair of double-decker garden sage pendants in 14k gold-fill with three white freshwater pearls hanging off of the bottom stem of each pendant.


Saturn Lavender Hoops

For Xandra!

Mismatched rock-candies of spiral eucalyptus and lavender hand off of 14k gold-filled hoops.

Xandra, (aka Saturn Lavender) loves the scents of lavender and eucalyptus. Their stage name, 'Saturn Lavender' said, "the colors are so soft yet they glow ever so vibrantly" about the delicate and pungent purple flowers. A lover of hoops, we mismatched two of our rock candies for their special creation on 14k gold-filled hoops.


Nasturtium Hoops

For Eloise!

Nasturtium petals are paired with four-petaled leaves that hang off of 14k gold-filled hoops.

Eloise is a lover of color and the color orange is a signature hue for her. She fell in love with the nasturtium petals when hand-selecting plant life with us to use for her custom project. She then picked a pair of four-petaled leaves to compliment the nasturtium petals that she selected. We sourced simple 14k gold-filled hoops to allow the selected plant life to shine!



Lavender Double-Decker Hoops with Pearls

For Ruth!


Stacked Lavender Rock Candies paired with mauve/lavender pearls, hanging off sterling silver hoops with closed rings. 

Our client Caitlyn came to us to create a pair of special earrings for their mother! She grew up in rural Oregon and a lot of her time growing up she remembers spending them at lavender fields with her family and is an avid lover of lavender scents and fragrances. Caitlyn wanted to create something that was unique, delicate and reminiscent of their mother's childhood. 




Jasmine Bud Charm Necklace

For Lisa!

Jasmine Bud charms as a simple way to represent the love between mother and child.

Our designer's friend Nassim wanted to create something special and sweet for their mother's birthday in June. To make Lisa's birthday present extra special, we incorporated jasmine buds, one of her favorite kind of tea and scent that Nassim mentioned. Two buds to represent them both and to give added customizability for the mom to wear the charms on any other jewelry items she owns. The charms hang of a dainty 14k gold-fill cable chain choker.




Garden Sage Clip Ons

For Lee!

SS22 'Garden Sage' transformed into lush clip-ons

We had the absolute pleasure of meeting Lee Milby, a filmmaker and director at our SS22 look book photoshoot! She had was super interested in our garden sage studs and loved the texture of the veins the leaves held. Her ears aren't pierced, so we wanted to create a special gift from us to her in thanks of her amazing talent capturing a special day with all the lovely models and the team. Thank you Lee!!!





Stacked Lavender Hoops

For Martine! 

5 lavender sprigs hang delicately off of delicate 14k gold-filled hoops


Degrade's Gift to our SS22 Look Book Stylist

Martine joined us as a stylist for our Spring/Summer 2022 Look Book for eight lovely models who came to participate. During meetings that they had with the designer, they mentioned their love of the Lavender Rock Candy earrings and wondered what it would look like if there were many rock candies stacked on hoops –– so we tried it out for them!



Let It Bee Choker

For Shayla! 

Dipped honeycomb nugget pendant and an oval shaped bee pendant with the bees oriented either as E/W facing diagonally. The bio-pendants hang off of a delicate 14k gold-fill elongated flat cable chain with a lobster lock clasp closure.


For a second mother to Silo

This mother’s day piece was commissioned by our good friend Silo for a very special Mom in his life. Bees are significant to both of them and the bond they share. Bees are a matriarchal society and they have such a big impact on the world even though they are small. We are so blessed to have been apart of this beautiful project. 



Carved River Trails

For Melissa! 

One Seed has a soldered facial expression and two other seeds are soldered with patterns. One earring is mismatched, carrying a baroque freshwater pearl nugget.


A birthday gift from Renee to her bestie

Renee, our SS22 photographer, thought of us when considering what to gift her best friend Melissa and approached us for a custom creation for her. We love creating special occasion gift and we took to the task! We are honored to have been a part of such a special moment between friends. 


Love Nuggets

For Tabitha's Mom! 

Honeycomb 'Nuggets' and tiny freshwater pearl paired with English sourced 14k gold-filled peridot studs


The perfect mother's day gift for Tabitha's mom!

Our client met with us in February just to make sure that these creations have all the time needed to shine for Mother's Day. She told us about her mother's newly found love of bees and how honeycombs would be a perfect gift for her as an energy worker. We wanted to make this gift extra special, so after learning about how her mother was born in England, Lē decided to source her gemstone from English makers (her birthplace) and pair freshwater pearls sourced from a make in New York (where Tabitha lives) to create a special pair of earrings showing their bond. We loved how thoughtful she was about this process, so much so that we created them ahead of time so she can spend time with them before Mother's Day.




Carved River Trails

For a mother that loves butternut squash and pumpkins!  

Triple seed earrings with soldered line work on the surface with 24k gold flake detailing at the bottom, dangling off 14k gold-fill fish hooks.


Our client's mom, Iona, and her love for pumpkins & butternut squash:

Our client booked in for a custom project appointment months before his mother's April 15th birthday for a special pair of earrings for his mother. His mother Iona is a huge earrings gal and she always told folks around her that if they are getting her earrings as gifts she'd rather not have any because she just has SO much! So, we designed a piece to upstage her other jewelry pieces with using a simple material that from her favorite one of her favorite vegetables; butternut squash! So much of the time when they went out to eat her son recalled often seeing her order either a side of pumpkin or butternut squash. She only wants new pieces that hold special meaning, so we created the River Trials with 24k Edible Gold Flakes with soldered line works of our client's final design suggestions. 

Happy Birthday Iona!




Orange "Cycle of Life Wall" Art Deco

An object creation inspired by the cycles of nature.

Three tiered wall decoration incorporating lavender, ferns, an orange slice & pink flowers, using mixed metal hardwares.


 A quote about this custom piece from Edde:

The idea that prompted me to choose that is how in early life we sort of rely on others physically when we are youngsters which is shown in the minimal gaps between discs. Also I am just realizing how it can also be an acknowledgement to how our uniqueness can be tested as we grow older. It is more convenient to those in power to uphold the vile systems we have if everyone is from the same cookie cutter mold-least resistance for them. The parts that make you you (floral and fern components) still break through the trials of society and are a testament to self love, acceptance, and embracement. Reaching midlife, ideally blooming and fruiting (the orange)into the you-est You life slows down and the societal pressures to fit into diminishes but the link to those around you is still present. Large gaps in the links allow more airflow and can represent a more fluid mindset that is open to others since ultimately we all are still linked souls. 


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