2023 Custom Project Highlights

2023 Custom Project Highlights

6 Jigsaw Logwood Necklace

For Jonah's Mom, Terri!


6 organically patterned and cut jigsaw logwood pendants are accented with mauve/lavender pearls, hanging off a bold sterling silver cable chain and secured with a round moon lobster clasp.
After gifting his birth mother (Terri) a pair of logwood eggplant-shaped earrings for Christmas in 2022, he came back to create a custom necklace for his mom's birthday! He gave the designer full creative freedom to construct something special for his mom that could match her pair of logwood earrings.


2 Opacity Butterly Pea Flower Necklace with Pearls 

For Chef Angie!


2 different opacities of butterfly pea flower were organically patterned and cut, paired with an odd amount of mauve/lavender pearls to add dimension to the overall composition. The butterfly pea flower pendants are integrated onto a sterling silver elongated twisted wire link chain.
This custom necklace is for Chef Angie, a belated birthday present from two of her colleagues, Jonah & June!
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